Learning to Dog Scooter

I definitely need a more efficient method to exercise/road work Mythieus!

So this week I have been investigating some new methods. I’m undecided on whether to train Mythieus with a bike and Springer attachment or a dog scooter. A major factor in my decision is going to be cost and I already own a bike, I’d just need to purchase a springer attachment. The options currently being considered are:

Dog Scooter which has three options:

Diggler or Pawtrek or Dog Powered Scooter

Or the other is:

Springer Attachment

Regardless, I eventually want a scooter or a rig ; cudos rigPawtrek dryland rig, or SandLynx dog cart. I think they look fun and seem a bit more stable and easier to maneuver!

I think things are going to get very interesting. I just purchased Daphne Lewis’ book Dog Scooter: The Sport for Dogs Who Love to Run along with the accompanying DVD. I can’t wait until it gets here :)

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